Want to be a Dubber, Dubber Anime in Japan? Here Is The Tips!

Have you ever watched a movie or anime in Japan and felt anxious with the expertise of the rubber player or the voice actor? Or maybe you secretly wants to try her luck to become an anime boss as soon as she sets foot in Japan.

If you live in Japan and are looking for income, work as Seiyuu, the term dubber or voice actor might be possible for you to try. Even though being a Seiyuu is not easy and needs a lot of practice, there is a special excitement if you are able to try abilities in this one field.

Japanese PPI or Indonesian Student Association in Japan is an organization consisting of Indonesian students who are studying in Japan. And GATE is the official partner of Japanese PPI. The Japanese PPI supports GATE as a door to further strengthen the relationship between Japan and american. More info: https://www.voquent.com/english/corporate/

To find out more about being Seiyuu and tips when auditioning, try to see the video below first:

Actually, everyone can have the potential to become a rubber depending on the company or media who are looking for the kind of voice they need. Although in Japan usually kawaii sounds are what yours often hears in many anime and film translations, don’t be afraid if you has a different kind of voice. Especially if you had mastered public speaking, the opportunity to become Seiyuu would be even more open.

But if not, don’t worry. In Japan there are many special schools that open voice acting classes for beginners. One of the most famous is Tokyo Seiyuu Academy, which is painstaking in fostering new talents to become a reliable person in Japan. The tuition fees vary from 180 thousand yen to 680,000 yen, with terms of education for 2 years. Sometimes this school also opens opportunities for international students who want a scholarship, so be diligent in looking at the site to find the latest information.

Talking about income, being a Seiyuu is almost the same as a stage actor, you pay. Especially if you has experience and has many references, this work is really promising to try. For you who is interested in art or voice acting in Japan, the chance to become a seiyuu is worth a try!