Tips on Holding a Wedding Party / Wedding Theme Garden Party!

The concept of outdoor marriage with a garden party theme is again much in demand. Bosen with a formal event and, so the bride chooses to create a more intimate and joyful wedding concept.

Garden party wedding theme can be spelled more simple and can also be an alternative wedding party that guns cost big. Especially for those of you who have an empty garden or backyard, you can use it and guns need dizzy thinking about the cost to rent the wedding venue.

  • Determining the Wedding Venue

Before holding a Garden Party event, do the election of wedding venue first. Due to the theme of the garden, of course, the selection of wedding venue becomes an important note. Adjust to the needs of your marriage, such as the number of guests, existing facilities, to know the advantages and disadvantages of your wedding venue later.

Oh yes! because this theme garden party, meaning you have to prepare the mental weather yes, because the weather factor most guns can guess. How to outsmart is to install a transparent tent so that for the dining room will remain safe even if it rains.

  • Define The Garden Party Theme

What garden party theme would you have? Or you can use Hen night brisbane theme. In order for your simple garden party to be more fun and fun. Speaking of themes, decorating colors is one of the things that becomes the main focus. You can choose bright colors to be brighter or also pastel colors, such as: lavender, mint, yellow, pink, or young orange combined with neutral colors.

  • Decorating Wedding Places

Choosing a garden party decoration that fits the theme is both fun and challenging. You can choose a variety of party decorations with wooden ornaments a la rustic or also the concept for you who like different things. Do not forget to choose the right lighting decoration details if your party

is held until night. In order for the night, the lights not only illuminate but can sweeten the garden decoration.

  • Food menu

Well, before choosing the food menu, you specify first whether the dish in the form of buffet or set the right food. In addition to the main meal, you can provide a funny and unique companion dish BBQ, donuts, cupcakes, or other unique sweet corner menus that you can customize with the Garden Party theme. As for the drink, select a refreshing drink because the theme of an outdoor garden party wedding more make guests thirsty fast. You can also use Brisbane Barenights to make it look more fun.

  • Provide Seats

As we know, a garden party does not need a seat because you can eat or talk while standing. But a casual picnic-style atmosphere is also a good idea for your wedding theme. And this is again a trend! because making the guest invited to be as comfortable as possible will make your wedding party more happy!

  • Wedding Entertainment

The party will not be complete without entertainment. Entertain your invited guests with a variety of entertainment that you can choose according to taste like music, karaoke, or light games so invited guests do not get bored. Anyway as much as possible for the Garden Party exciting with a variety of interesting entertainment for the party more memorable.