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That is one of those songs the place you don’t actually know what about it makes you like it, you just love it. Also, I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5 for some time as a result of all of their songs are simple to like, and the lead singers voice is very good and calming.

I really feel, as did Plato, that music does have dangerous, negative results – along with a bunch of positive ones.I don’t imagine that each one dangerous music ought to be banned; primarily as a result of music its interpretive, and what its dangerous for one person might not be for the music

I simply can’t stand the noise and I feel it’s noise that music inflicts upon me. I have to depart the room if my husband performs music CDs or the radio – talking on the radio is ok, however music is painful to me, both psychically and pychologically – it just feels like distracting, pointless noise and I am unable to hear myself assume whilst its on or form any ideas about it, its simply plain music

We can use it to help specific how we’re feeling – sometimes this may make the issue worse (resembling after we use music to ruminate), however other instances it helps to present voice to an emotion we otherwise couldn’t music