What Makes Lonavala An Ideal Place for a Solo Trip

The land of Maharashtra offers a lot of options to tourists where they can spend some peaceful and alone time. If you are looking for such a place to escape to, Lonavala is the best …

The land of Maharashtra offers a lot of options to tourists where they can spend some peaceful and alone time. If you are looking for such a place to escape to, Lonavala is the best and easiest escape away from the bustling hustling life. About 96 kilometres away from Mumbai, Lonavala is an ideal getaway to soothe your senses. The place has many activities to offer which include camping, trekking, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, and much more. You can book one of the resorts near Lonavala and be sure that Lonavala will not leave you unsatisfied.

For a solo traveller, Lonavala has some of the amazing things to offer:

Monsoon: The hill station enjoys comparatively good monsoon and offers great experiences to cherish. The beautiful green valleys and mountains offer a pleasant view being washed off by the rain. Located in the Western Ghats, it brings some of the breathtaking experiences to everyone’s trip.

Things to do: Apart from the scenic beauty, you can engage in some of the best things here:

Camping: The countryside of Lonavala is a perfect place for camping on weekends. The small hill and forest make an awesome site for camping. You can even hire an agency and go camping with the group. Luxury camping, rockface camping, wild forest camping and rain camping are some of the top options here.

Trekking & rock climbing: Lonavala offers you a great opportunity to show your adventurous talents through thrilling activities. These activities include valley crossing, rock climbing, trekking, and rappelling. All these are sure to bring an adrenaline rush.

Karting: The hill station offers tracks on the outskirts for tourists to go karting. The tracks offer you a thrilling ride that ensures you have a lot of fun.

Places to visit:

With some of the amazing things to do in Lonavala, there are places that you can visit to experience the beauty of the place. The places include:

Tiger Point: Nestled at an altitude of 650 meters above the sea level, Tiger point is another famous tourist destination offering views of forests, waterfalls, and lakes. Besides enjoying the bounty of nature, many water sports such as rafting can be enjoyed here. Along with this, you can take a short trek through the region.

Lion’s Point: Providing magnificent deep valley views, Lion’s Point is a place of greenery and a number of waterfalls. The weather here is quite mesmerising that ensures you have a great time. This spot is considered as one of the best tourist attractions in Lonavala. You can find dozens of waterfalls here with one being prominent. Just reach the edge of the cliff, and you will forget everything else.

Bhaja Caves: Bhaja Caves is one of the ancient Buddhist centres in Asia with 22 rock cut caves situated on the hilltop. These caves are known for their architecture with the beautiful views of the lush green landscape. One of the carvings here presents a woman playing the tabla with others performing a dance.

Kune Hill and Waterfall: Popular as the 14th highest waterfall in India, it is located at an elevation of around 650 feet. With picturesque views and calmness, the waterfall is an artwork of nature with the background of greenery. During monsoons, the view turns explicitly splendid.

All these places are sure to give you an exciting experience that you can cherish forever. If you are travelling from any other city, you can book flight tickets online, and for your stay, you can book any of the resorts near Lonavala. Some of the top resorts include Lagoona resort, Fariyas Resort, Aamby Valley Resorts, and Upper Deck Resort. All these resorts are in accessible locations offering many luxurious amenities.