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Understanding Cyber Security Certifications and Their Role in Society The field of cyber security is expanding rapidly, with no forecasts for that growth to slow down. The need for qualified professionals is continuous, because of to the distressing rate of cybercrime. Whether you are an online seller, a financial firm, or even a hospitals, no one is safe against cybercrime today as long as you are connected to the Internet. In fact, any person who has an email address or a social media account is at risk. Professionals, however, should have relevant credentials to make them attractive to employers. Among the most effective ways to reinforce your current abilities and experience is to earn cyber security certifications.
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There are professional certifications that help you get an entry-level position, but the majority of them are made to help you advance your career. Take advantage of these opportunities to speed up you career in a strategic way.
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Difference between Certifications and Certificates These are two unique types of credentials despite their similar names. If you’re looking around and encounter a certificate program, know that this involves the completion of a course with a particular end goal. Offered by universities, colleges and community colleges, certificates are condensed degree or diploma programs that students can earn prior to entering a field. On the other hand, certifications are specialized credentials that professionals earn in a specialized area to show their expertise and skill set, and which often require passing an examination. Certification programs are mostly offered by professional associations and agencies, or by companies. Other disciplines also recognize certifications, but cyber security and other IT certifications are unique mainly because they are vendor-specific. However, since the legitimacy and quality of certification programs can vary, make sure you screen any program you’re eyeing before actually signing up. So how long does a typical cyber security certification program take to finish? It’s all about the certification. Some need professionals to accumulate years of on-the-job experience to even be eligible for the certification. Others just need them to pass an examination. As certifications are built around specialized skills, it always pays to study, practice, and gain confidence with an unfamiliar discipline before endeavoring to take the final exam. When you are eligible, it will take a few months to complete most certifications. Finally, part of the appeal of certifications is that they let you to make a worthwhile addition to your resume at a cost so much cheaper than that of an additional degree. The cost of cyber security certifications start at a few hundred dollars and can go up to a few thousand. You may also need to pay for study as well as test-prep materials. However, IT companies generally shoulder the cost of certifications as they also stand to benefit from their employees’ added knowledge and skills.