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Bollywood Songs in Bollywood Movies

Bollywood songs first came about in the 19th century when they were used in musical plays in the Parsi Theater. In those years, it was the Parsi theater that influenced the themes and styles of film production. The popularity of old Hindi songs remained even as the years have seen the diversification of film style and content. In Bollywood cinemas today, song imaging improved with technology and its relevance and contribution enhanced are art of Indian storytelling techniques. These Bollywood movies then became a very powerful and effective device for storytelling.

Bollywood movies are very popular among Hindi people scattered all over the globe and so their influences are both Hindi culture and the western lifestyle. The Hindi culture help these movies to be widely accepted, and the western influence satisfy the mass fantasy. The importance given by the Hindi race to human emotions and relationships are clearly expressed in these movies. Old Bollywood songs contribute effectively to this expression. The types of movies that they make range from emotional sagas to patriotic legends, romantic comedies to heart stopping thrillers. In Bollywood movies, whatever the genre is, there is an important role played by old songs in the story’s narrative structure. This is why it is popular with all kinds of audiences. In one movie, everybody gets entertained.

Every happy or sad occasion in the Hindi culture is associated with old Hindi songs. People sing old songs to celebrate, to mourn or to rejuvenate. Their emotions and their way of life are expressed through songs. Old Hindi songs have become a powerful device of expression in any dramatic situation of a film story because Bollywood movies are deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of society. It shall. be and remain one of the most popular genres of music in India.

Bollywood movies are full of song and dance sequences which have made them very popular worldwide. This makes Hindi movies unique and very popular. Bollywood movies continue to use old songs because through these, the audience will not only be entertained but they will easily understand what is being conveyed in the film. When it calls for a romantic scene, a love song is played in the background. In the same way, old Bollywood songs have been used to make audiences laugh and cry with the characters. Even with just these cleverly inserted songs, people will understand the whole story. Using a medley of different songs is employed in order to avoid elaborate scenes and these alone can enhance the emotions of the audience and can give more significance to the narrative expression even without conversation. With these song medleys, the dramatic impact of the story is increased.