A Guide to Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are a craze that’s sweeping elementary and middle schools everywhere. As of now, all of the top ten toys on Amazon are a form of these handheld toys, and some parents and kids are making their own. Below is a quick look at how fidget items can be practical for children and adults.

Using a Fidget Spinner

Many people report that fidgeting with handheld objects helps them stay focused at work or in school. Most people use common objects such as USB drives and paper clips, but many are turning to fidget cubes and spinners for this express purpose. Fidget objects are thought to help users achieve a more relaxed, attentive and contemplative state.

Focus and Fine-Tuning the Environment

Psychological research on sensation-seekers demonstrates that people typically want to adjust their environments and experiences to receive an ideal level of stimulation. Different users function properly under varying circumstances. Some prefer total silence, while others work optimally in a noisy, busy environment. When someone can’t get up and move whenever they wish (such as in the classroom), they may find it helpful to use a fidget spinner or other item to remain calm and focused while they have to sit still.

According to Research

New research and anecdotal accounts show that fidget objects can help those with anxiety and attention issues to stay calm and focused. While there are few definitive studies, children who used fidget toys during school reported that their writing abilities, attitudes, peer interaction and writing abilities improved.

Using a Fidget Spinner

To use the spinner, a person holds it in the center between his or her thumb and forefinger, and they use their other hand to cause rotation. Once the spinner is in motion, it can be used to perform balancing acts and other tricks. While it takes some measure of hand/eye coordination, some users can do these tricks without looking.

Fidget toys seem to serve a purpose, and they embody a behavior that everyone exhibits from time to time. As the market grows, next-generation fidget objects will continue to help people focus while remaining calm.